The Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a narrowly tailored, slim-fitting skirt that isbusiness wear for women typically knee length or slightly below the knee. The length of the skirt can vary from year to year depending on the runway fashion trends. But generally speaking, if the skirt is way too high above the knee, it is considered a mini-skirt instead of a pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is somewhat restrictive in design, thus a good pattern will feature a back slit, kick pleat or even have two side slits. This allows a little more room to stride and give greater ease and comfort when sitting.

An early version of the pencil skirt known as the hobble skirt existed since 1915. It hugged the woman’s hips and legs, creating a simpler, cleaner silhouette with floor or ankle high wear for women The pencil skirt as we know it today only gained great popularity in the 1950s with voluptuous Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe publicizing the wear for women The pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple as it perfectly balances a professional look and a super sexy look. It has a simple, clean cut which makes it a perfect fit for work and business functions. It also hugs your curves in just the right places to give you that sexy confidence for a cocktail party or an after office networking party.

Create a perfect office look with a tucked in, fitted button-downbusiness wear for women shirt. The collared look of the shirt combined with the no-nonsense straightness of the skirt requires no fussing or primping. To create a classic vintage look, add on a short jacket or cropped cardigan. Choose lightweight fabric with give such as wool, tweeds. Complete the look with a pair of pumps with tone-down, minimalistic look.

business wear for womenCreate a glamorous evening look with feminine blouses with ruffles or billowy sleeves. Choose fabrics like satin, brocade or silk. The plain, chic lines of the skirt balance any over-the-top details of your shirt, so the overall look won’t be overwhelming. Since pencil skirts are tight-fitting and can feel restrictive, choose a shorter pair of heels or stilettos as the narrow cut of the skirt can add to the imbalance feeling.

For a sophisticated fashionable look, contrast textures and colors. Add a mismatched jacket for a smart modern update. Choose an animal print blouse and pair it with fishnet stockings for a sexy evening look. For a relaxed elegant look, style with an unstructured jacket in a vivid contrasting color. Leave a soft oversize sweater loose or add a belt to create a flattering shape. Complete the relaxed look with a pair of low-heeled pumps or flats.

business wear for women

In conclusion nothing hugs a woman’s curves and puts femininity into a tailored look better than a pencil skirt. The high-waist, straight design of a pencil skirt can be seen in many current looks, and no matter what your size or shape, this exquisite fit should work its way into your wardrobe.

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